BAE0911 - Programmable 22 i/o 1-Wire slave device

Main Features
22 i/o pins allows mixed functions selectable among
• 22 pio TTL digital input/output with changed latch bit
• 6 up/down 32bit encoders
• Four 16 bit PWM (pulse width modulation) from 0.1Hz to 10MHz
• Four 16 bit capture input shared with PWM
• 16 ADC inputs at 10 bit resolution (0 to 5V range)
• 6 interrupt based 32bit counters (up to 5KHz)
• 12 additional 32bit counters (up to 100Hz)
• One analog comparator with output on compare
Extended connectivity
• One buffered TTL serial port (RX/TX) baud rate from 50 to 1000.000 bauds
• I²C master interface up to 1Mbit/s
• SPI master interface (aka four wires) up to 1MHz
• Standard speed 1-Wire slave interface with unique ROM serial number
Advanced features
• Firmware upgradable via 1-wire bus.
The chip firmware is contained in FLASH and can be upgraded directly from 1-wire bus.
• Automation Engine: allows to embed Basic-like programs for autonomous behavior
• Calibrated 32 bit counter clock (typical deviation 0.5%)
• Integrated watchdog monitoring with automatic reset
• All PIO has configurable internal pull-up resistor (PIO0..PIO7 have also pull-down)
• 6 fast counters are configurable on rising/falling edge
• 12 slow counters on falling edge only
• 32Kbit of user flash storage (8 pages of 512 bytes)
• 92 bytes of user register
• 4x 92 bytes of RAM dedicated for Automation user programs
• ADC is working in continuous conversion mode (no start conversion command, no delays)
• 32 distinct countdown registers for timer behavior in AE
• SDcard support up to 2GB for direct access to 512bytes sectors
Compatibility with 1-wire protocol
• Standard speed operation: protocol implemented with low latency interrupts in background.
• Support every standard ROM commands: read rom, match rom, search rom, skip rom, resume rom and conditional search
• Unique serial number
• Family code 0xFC: with extended identification commands: read_type & read_version.
• Control functions: see FUNCTION COMMANDS page
Physical characteristics
• Single chip microcontroller based solution in an 28-pin SOIC.
• 5.0V supply voltage, 10mA typical consumption
• 40MHz operation
• based on Freescale MC9S08SH16CWL microcontroller